Legal Vape Imports Japan

How to legally import vapes into Japan for personal use.

Are e-cigarettes legal in Japan?

Yes, electronic cigarettes (vaping) are legal in Japan. However, there are some specific regulations to keep in mind:

E-liquid containing nicotine

The sale of e-liquids containing nicotine is regulated by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act. It is illegal to sell e-cigarette products containing nicotine in Japan, but it is legal to import them for personal use from overseas retailers such as Vapespot Japan.

Import for personal use

It is possible to import e-liquids containing nicotine for personal use, but there are restrictions. The amount imported must not exceed one month's supply, which is defined as a maximum of 120ml of e-liquid. For example, RELX pods are 1.9ml per pod and you can order up to 63 pods per month. ELFBAR BC10000 is 18ml per unit and you can order up to 6 units per month.

Age limit

You must be 20 years of age or older to purchase and use e-cigarette products in Japan. Vapespot Japan does not sell to minors and may suspend orders for age verification.

Customs Regulations

For personal use imports, shipments under 16,666 JPY (approximately NZD$170) are not subject to import duties or taxes. Shipments over 16,666 JPY may incur additional import fees. If your order is over 16,666 JPY, you will be notified directly by the shipping company for payment.

Please adhere to these regulations and enjoy e-cigarettes safel

How to Import Vapes to Japan

Residents and tourists in Japan can order nicotine-containing e-cigarette products online from international retailers like Vapespot. It is important to choose a reputable retailer that adheres to customs requirements for personal imports. Vapespot Japan has partnered with DHL Express to ensure all orders are accurately declared for customs, so your order will be delivered quickly and efficiently.

How do I place an order?

Choose your favorite product from disposable vapes, vape pods and vape devices. Make sure your order total does not exceed a maximum of 120ml per month. Follow the checkout process and pay securely. Your order will be processed and shipped within 24 hours. You will receive a confirmation email with shipping and tracking information. Leave the rest to us.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Delivery to urban areas usually arrives within 3-5 business days. Delivery to rural areas may take 3-6 business days or more as DHL Express will arrive at the nearest prefectural warehouse and then use a local Japanese carrier for final delivery.

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